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Myopulse and Acuscope Therapy
This cutting edge pain management and detoxifying technology helps reduce toxicity in the body while aiding in the reduction of pain, inflammation and scar tissue. The treatment enhances cellular reproduction and promotes homeostasis in the body. This incredibly versatile treatment is great for sports injury, immune system inefficiency, detoxification, wound healing, muscle injuries old and new, chronic pain and much more.
Choose from any of our Acuscope wellness plans and treatments or we can customize a plan tailored specifically to your health needs. Treatments are giving in a minimum course of three treatments in three consecutive days. This helps the body sustain the higher frequencies that the body needs to heal itself. A basic nutritional outline will be given to every client receiving treatment to help them make the most of their Acuscope sessions.
Treatments and Services

The Seven Day Detox
This week long intensive includes seven customized systemic Acuscope/Myopluse treatments to help you renew your bodies healing abilities, undo the damage that environment and lifestyle can cause and bring you back into balance.
Whether you are incorporating this series into your current cleansing regime, want to make it part of your customized wellness packages here at Enlightened Living or simply want to jumpstart a healthier you, this program is just the thing to help you reach your wellness goals.

Seven Days:
Three Day Starter Series
Whether it’s a sprained ankle, pulled muscle or the cold that won’t quit this series of three treatments will give you the boost your body needs to heal itself in this stressed and nutritionally challenging world.
**Add this to a wellness package or use as a standalone service.
Three Days:
Add additional treatments for just $100 each.
Auricular Therapy
Using traditional Chinese Acupuncture maps, this intense but needle-less treatment stimulates the point’s channels and meridians of the body to activate the central nervous system and kick start the bodies healing process. This treatment is a great aid curbing cravings of food and cigarettes as well as a metabolic stimulator, helping the body to process nicotine and sugar already present in the body.
One 45min treatment: $70.00
Prepaid series of three: $200.00
Acuscope Reflexology
This treatment takes traditional reflexology to the next level! Using the reflexology patterns and technique used for centuries incorporated with the application of the mica-current, this treatment will help open the reflex points to detoxify the entire body system. You will leave feeling balanced and full of energy.
One 60min treatment: $70.00
Prepaid Series of three: $200.00
Myopulse Facial
Rejuvenate and tone facial skin and muscle with this cutting edge, F.D.A approved, micro-current technology. Using a gentle but effective electric current to speed up cellular reproduction with a focus of the connective tissues and collagen in the face, this treatment helps to reduce fine lines, hyper pigmentation, scarring, sagging and acne both old and new. Results can often be seen after the first treatment.
60min: $100.00
Buy a package of 5 and get the 6th facial free!
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