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Enlightened Living Animal Therapy
At Enlightened Living we focus on custom holistic health services for you and your equine partner. We provide a variety of non invasive ways to create health and improve the performance by addressing each animal as an individual and treating them accordingly. With 17 + years of equestrian experience and over 10 years in the holistic health field, we can keep you and your animals going at your best for years to come.
All services are available for Canines as well as Equines:

Before Treatment
Please note the following instructions to help facilitate your horse's evaluation and treatment and receive the best results:
  • Ensure that your animal is clean and dry before evaluation and treatment sessions.
  • Allow your animal at least one hour's rest prior to your appointment. You may need to allow longer if you bathe your horse following his activity.
  • Do not apply liniments or oils (including oil-based fly sprays) to treatment areas prior to treatment.
  • Do not use products containing iodine (e.g., Thrushbuster, betadine) during the course of your horse's treatment.
  • Provide a list of your animals current medications. Notify the therapist if the medications change during treatment.

After Treatment
Your animal will need to rest after treatment (hand-walking, in most cases, is acceptable and beneficial).Your therapist will provide specifics about appropriate activities following your animals treatment. To avoid counteracting the effects of the treatment, keep your animal dry for several hours following treatment. 

In the case of Aromatherapy treatments, please do not bathe your animal for 24 hours following his treatment.

**In some cases, your horse's symptoms may worsen briefly after his initial treatments. This is a typical healing response, and can be due to renewed activity in tissues that have been dormant or atrophied for some time. As the treatments continue, however, the temporary soreness or stiffness will fade, and you will begin to see improvement.**
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