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Holistic Well-being Treatments
All of our treatments are customized to your specific needs. Be sure to let your therapist know what issues or concerns you wish to address so that you can receive the most from your healing session!
Therapeutic Cupping Treatment
Using the traditional Chinese Cupping method to stimulate the body’s meridian channels (energy channels) this treatment releases chronic muscle tension and stagnation similar to receiving an amazing massage. Cupping is often able to release old muscle patterns that the body has been holding onto for years, in a single session. Additionally, cupping promotes overall vitality and a general state of well being.
60min: $65.00
Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment
Essential Oils are some the most powerful inhibitors of Microbes and are well known for their ability to help fight off and protect the body from many different illnesses and infections. In this powerful treatment, carefully selected undiluted and all natural therapeutic grade essential oils are dispensed like drops of rain onto the spine and massaged into the skin. Hot compresses are then laid on the back to aid in the complete absorption of the oils by the body. The healing and cleansing effect of this treatment can be felt for up to five days. It is a beautiful way to keep you healthy!
30min: $45.00
60min: $80.00
Manual Lymph Drainage
The lymphatic system is the only body system that cannot pump itself. Vigorous movement and exercise are required to keep this system healthy. With this gentle massage technique we stimulate the flow of the lymphatic system, flushing metabolic waste and stagnated fluid out of the body. Lymph fluid cleanses and protects the body of bacteria and other impurities that it encounters in daily life, as well as aids in the body’s health processes. After surgery, injury or illness, this noninvasive treatment may help you heal in half the time!
60min: $85.00
Lymph Detox Facial
This treatment encourages the lymph systems detoxification process while promoting healthy skin naturally. This service also helps relieve sinus discomfort. A Steam, skin cleansing, nourishing mask and wholesome eye treatment round out this healthy indulgent experience.
70min: $80.00
Auricular Therapy
Less intense than Acuscope Auricular Therapy and great for individuals are just getting started on their wellness journey or is already walking a well worn health path. This treatment follows the same principals as both Acuscope and Acupuncture by placing tiny sliver or gold beads on specific points on the ear to reflex the areas of the body that need balancing or healing. The beads stay in place for up to 3 days offering continuous treatment when stimulated by simply pressing down on them.
$20.00 for up to eight bead placements
Nutritional Consultation
Whether you need to lose weight, are starting a new fitness regime, changing to a vegetarian lifestyle, or want a body cleanse or fast, we are here to help. Get your energy back, balance hormones, lower blood pressure and just feel great with our caring and professional assistance.
First Session 60-90min $90.00
Follow up sessions $45.00
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