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Shamballa/ Reiki

Shamballa is the energy of unconditional Love that is everywhere always. In learning to channel the Shamballa energy one learns to create balance within the whole person on a physical, spiritual and emotional level while elevating the human consciousness. 
This healing modality was gifted to humanity through St. Germain as channeled through Hari Das. It has been called "the complete system of Reiki" as it includes 352 symbols in their entirety, some of which have yet to be channeled. 
These treatments are powerful forms of energy work. Practitioners are attuned to receive healing energy and act as conduits for energy to pass through to you. These thorough but gentle healing treatments can be added to any other session you may be receiving or done as a standalone service.

20min: $20.00
60min: $70.00
 **Private Instruction can be shared with those individuals who wish to practice this healing art themselves. Please call for more information or to schedule your training or visit our workshops page **

Polarity Therapy
The purpose of Polarity Therapy is to bring the energy and life force back into the body. When there is a strong and balanced life force the body structures are able to align, the meridians unblock, the mind is able to clear and you gain the strength to make positive changes in your life. This treatment often incorporates the use of quartz crystals placed directly on the body to aid in the aligning of the energy systems. This is a bodywork treatment where muscle tissues are released and the body is touched, however unlike a massage you are able to remain clothed.
We do ask that clothing be loose and comfortable for the most comfortable session and best results
 60min: $70.00

Polarity Cranial Therapy
Founded in the principals of Polarity Therapy this treatment works by balancing the body through the bones, muscles and structures in the face and head. This is an excellent option for those suffering headaches, sinus issues and neck pain.
30min: $45.00

Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing
Every living creature has an energetic anatomy that is as vital to their health and well being as any other organ system. The aura is a sometimes visible but always perceivable energy field around the body. It contains several layers which correspond to the bodies chakras. 

Daily influences can often throw us off balance, causing us to doubt ourselves, our purpose and sometimes even our own worth.

By realigning the chakras, clearing out the aura and learning a few tools to keep your energetic systems healthy and strong, individuals will regain their balance and often find the clarity the were seeking.

30-45min: $40.00


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