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On Being Beautiful
You are Loved...
Bending without Breaking...
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On Being Beautiful

Lets put aside the cliches for a moment and think about the last time someone told you that you were beautiful?

Who was it and what were you doing?

Did you feel beautiful or did the observation that you were, catch you by surprise?

Did you feel proud? Loved? Embarrassed?

Did you question the motivation or did you accept the concept freely?

What do You think makes you a beautiful person?

When was the last time you thought about your life and who are and thought "wow! Im doing alright! Im a beautiful person!


Today is a powerful day. 

A day when the spiritual veil is thin and we are able to manifest our most authentic selves, create the lives we desire and do the most good for the most life...Today we can raise our vibration and expand, grow, breathe and love. 

It will be a thousand years before thisdatecomes to pass again and while that is significant, we should remember that thisdaywill will never come to pass again. Let all the excitement and introspection be the beginning of appreciating each day, each love, each hurt we are given the opportunity to feel because we are not promised the rest of our lives, or the people we have in them.

You are Loved...

Its true. 

No matter how badly we may want to hate ourselves...
No Matter how thoroughly we have been trained to believe all of the negativity that flows towards us, around us and through us...
There is someone sitting quietly
Knowing you
Understanding you
Appreciating you
Loving you...

They may never be brave enough to tell you
And that's OK...

We must be stronger in the knowledge that we are not alone...
That the Universe is watching with her eons of wisdom to pour over us...

If we let her.

Bending without Breaking...

This has been a year of forward movement, of big changes and transitions...
This has been the year to look at ourselves and see what we can be, what we can accomplish and how we can all grow together... How we should all grow together...
As with any growth, new movement or change, there is some flexibility required on our parts. Some willingness to stretch and grow with our own expectations and those that the Universe is holding for us.    
I am not a Yogi. Though I can at times, find peace with myself and this beautiful earthly place, I have not come close to enlightenment and I can not gracefully center myself while contorted into ancient yoga poses.

Nurture the Needs

We do not need to go far to see the suffering in our  world... It is not something that we must seek to find. We can turn on a television, a computer or drive around our cities and see the poverty, hunger, violence and desperation that has seeped into the pores of society...

The question has never been if this suffering exists, it's been a what, if anything, are "we" supposed to do about it all???

Though it may not seem to be the case, this awareness, the seeming over exposure to the hurt of the world that comes to us as a result of living in the information age, is actually building the foundation of change.

The Importance of Right Now...

"What you do today is important 
because you are exchanging a day of your life for it"

Each and every one of our days on this planet and in this time, needs to happen on purpose. I know that I am as guilty as the next person of planning too far into the future and worrying about problems that are not even problems yet...

What a waste of precious and irreplaceable time!

We can not control anything but our own actions and reactions so lets start there!

While planning for bends in the road is important and has its proper place, it can not consume us.



Whether you found your way to this place intentionally while searching for new way to heal yourself or you stumbled here while roaming through cyber space, you are meant to be here now... 

Nothing is coincidence. 

This is a time of renewal and of powerful energy. Perhaps you are feeling a bit as though things in your life are a bit "off," or somehow just not as they should be? Or maybe you are feeling more sensitive, more aware of the world around you and all the people you share it with?
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