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Nurture the Needs

We do not need to go far to see the suffering in our  world... It is not something that we must seek to find. We can turn on a television, a computer or drive around our cities and see the poverty, hunger, violence and desperation that has seeped into the pores of society...

The question has never been if this suffering exists, it's been a what, if anything, are "we" supposed to do about it all???

Though it may not seem to be the case, this awareness, the seeming over exposure to the hurt of the world that comes to us as a result of living in the information age, is actually building the foundation of change...

The more we know, the more empowered we are to act, to attempt to create change.

Is it overwhelming? Of course!

How could one not be overwhelmed in the face of all the work that needs to be done.  The key that many people miss is that we can not allow ourselves to get lost in the ocean of need. That is not your job or mine. 

We are called to care. To nurture.  And to begin with ourselves.  

If we can look at the ugly parts of our messy brilliant lives and show compassion for all that we have done and that has been done to us,  sharing that same compassion for others, for oceans, for animals and trees is a simple and natural next step.

If we choose to take up the responsibility to care for ourselves, the rest will become a clearer picture.  We will know in the very core of us what we are called to do, what our part is to play. We will know what we can do to make it better...

Nurturing the need becomes possible...

With Love,

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