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Bending without Breaking...
Nurture the Needs


Compassion and Change
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Compassion and Change

Bending without Breaking...

This has been a year of forward movement, of big changes and transitions...
This has been the year to look at ourselves and see what we can be, what we can accomplish and how we can all grow together... How we should all grow together...
As with any growth, new movement or change, there is some flexibility required on our parts. Some willingness to stretch and grow with our own expectations and those that the Universe is holding for us.    
I am not a Yogi. Though I can at times, find peace with myself and this beautiful earthly place, I have not come close to enlightenment and I can not gracefully center myself while contorted into ancient yoga poses.

Nurture the Needs

We do not need to go far to see the suffering in our  world... It is not something that we must seek to find. We can turn on a television, a computer or drive around our cities and see the poverty, hunger, violence and desperation that has seeped into the pores of society...

The question has never been if this suffering exists, it's been a what, if anything, are "we" supposed to do about it all???

Though it may not seem to be the case, this awareness, the seeming over exposure to the hurt of the world that comes to us as a result of living in the information age, is actually building the foundation of change.
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